Parts arrived and more prizes were won

A project log for Indoor air pollution reduction

Reduce particulate air pollution indoors without wasting energy

shlonkinshlonkin 05/22/2015 at 13:020 Comments

The Lightblue bean and dust sensor arrived this week, both very small items. I also dug up some thermistors and cheap wireless comm modules from projects of yore. I don't know exactly what I'll be using yet, but it's time to start piecing bits together and testing the idea.

I have some concerns about the temperature sensors on the outside. Since they are so far away I don't know if something as simple as a thermistor or simple voltage-based sensor would be a good idea. Perhaps it would be better to have a simple ADC near the sensors sending a digital signal to the main unit. I'm thinking an ATtiny10 would be great for that, and I happen to have some on hand.

As for communication, that fancy bluetooth unit would be fantastic if I owned anything else capable of bluetooth communication. But I don't. Until I get my hands on something, I'll use that pair of NRF24L01+ things, or maybe just some wires.

Also, I need to thank HaD again. This project won more of the weekly contests getting me a Teensy LC and some 3D printing. This weekend I'll be refining the design a bit more, so I'll see how I can incorporate those into the project.

But before I set to work on any full scale building I want to make a little test setup. A cardboard box with a PC fan, a vent, and everything hot glued together. That means it's time for building hardware and writing code. If only there were a contest with 50 hours of free time as a prize.