Raspberry Pi omni-"Hat"

A project log for Omnibotler

Updating an Omnibot 5402 to serve as a home automation hub and home "assistant"

jarredJarred 08/10/2015 at 22:570 Comments

A custom "hat" was was designed for omnibotler based on a combination of existing Adafruit hats and specific requirements. This hat incorporates the following chips: PCA9685 (2x), TB6612FNG (2x), MCP23017, and MCP3008, and provides pinouts for 1x stepper motor, 2x dc motors, 1x pump, 12x servo, 4x analog sensor, 1x Tx, 14x gpio, and 4x pwm. The pinout of the tip120 was incorrect in the board layout and required re-routing after the pcb was ordered. Pinouts are grouped based on functionality and/or subgrouping. This simplifies wiring and the connection of discrete portions.

(This was my first attempt at hand surface mount soldering and ordering manufactured boards, so please excuse the sloppy execution/ poor silkscreen. )