A week of searching and researching

A project log for Inexpensive Water Quality Testing System

The base goal of this project is to build a simple, low cost, water quality testing system.

Jeremy HopkinsJeremy Hopkins 04/30/2015 at 21:320 Comments

It has been a busy week of traveling around for work, and researching for this project....My first order should go out this weekend to pick up some things to get a proof of concept together. The first few things are the screen, gps, etc so that there is a way to see things, know where we are, and interact with the device. (Images below are from adafruit, I just didn't want to put out an all text log)

The next step is to grab some of the sensors. Temperature is an easier one that will happen quick and easy. The next ones will give a good start, but are the harder ones to find inexpensive versions. The main three that I feel are both necessary and easiest to find are: pH, O2, and conductivity. So far I feel pH and conductivity will be the easier of the two; dissolved O2 so far is looking a lot more expensive, but I have an idea of someone to talk to to find out some more options.

One thing that I am trying to toy with is how to "join" the sensors together into one unit. Is one unit possible? Is it the best way to do things? With there be negative interaction between the sensors in the water? The initial idea did include one hand held unit not many. The final decision will come down to the type and amount of sensors.

I really wish I could find a way to work a LightBlue Bean board into this ,but just don't think it will cover all the I/Os I need. It does look like an awesome product I want to eventually play around with though!