Is rusty a state of being or state of mind?

A project log for Inexpensive Water Quality Testing System

The base goal of this project is to build a simple, low cost, water quality testing system.

Jeremy HopkinsJeremy Hopkins 06/21/2015 at 22:480 Comments

Wow I am rusty!!! I started trying to get individual components working with the Arduino and feel flat on my face pretty much right out of the door. The example code supplied with the LCD didn't work and after troubleshooting I needed to step back and stop trying to rush it. I am insanely rusty with programming in general let alone hardware interfacing so this could get interesting.

While trashing around on the code I found a inexpensive pH meter to add in. So far so good, but it didn't come with the tip wet so I am hopeful it won't be too problematic.

Well back into it... I am skipping the scree for the moment in hopes I can focus on getting the individual sensors working together and calibrated to some useful level. For the few of you following this project I apologize for the lack of updates. Two of my busiest month were the last two so I should be less brain dead when I get home at night to play with this project.