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Annotare,...... what does that mean? It means artist or drawer.

This was version3, i made this as a project for my middle school.

  • Quick info of latest version [ 4 ]

Now there is version4 but a lot of changes have been made.

There is now a much faster and smarter controller onboard, now i can draw up to 20meters by 20meters only if you want to draw on a big surface you will need to activate the 4 motor control method.

Version4 also comes with 2 apps now, one for children and one for advanced users.

  • How does it works

By hanging 2 motors on the sides of a window, for example, and tensioning a belt between the motor and drawing head, he can make them move by tensioning or loosing one or both of the belts.

There is also a motor in the drawing head that can be used to hold the pen off the surface when there is no need to draw.

Can it draw with multiple colors???

Yes he can he will make a beep a couple of times to notify you to change the marker for a other one.

But this is also an improvement of version4, the pen is held by a system with magnets, which allows you to change color very quickly.

Is the set-up difficult and complex?

No not at all when starting up he will do 90% of the work automatically the only thing the user has to do is measure the distance between the motors.

What is the resolution of the system?

The resolution is 1mm but can be increased in the advanced app to 0.1mm only the drawing speed will slow down now.

And how does it work on 4 motors?

By switching to the 4 motor system, motors are now also installed from below the surface.
Now you don't need any weight at the drawing head either and you can increase the drawing speed dramatically, this is also recommended if you want to work on a very large surface because of the weight of the belts now also becomes a factor.

  • Is this going to be opensource in any way?

I'm thinking about it to release Version3 as a opensource variant.

The thing is that i have spent many hours making the firmware but if there is a demand to make it opensource i will consider it.

  • Is this going to be a product that you can buy?

Yes, it is the intention to create a kit version aimed at STEM and for if you prefer to put it together yourself but also a pre-made version where everything for you has been done ,adjusted and tested.

This page will update if there are any changes or release of newer versions

  • 2 × Nema17 the stepper motors
  • 1 × PIC18F27K40 the brains of this project
  • 2 × drv8825 stepper drivers
  • 1 × 7805 Connectors and Accessories / Miscellaneous Connectors
  • 1 × HC06 Non-IC RF, IF, RFID, ZigBee Components / Inductors and Coils

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  • The log of the Annotare project

    Jordy de Hoon02/14/2018 at 12:49 0 comments

    [2015] Started with the idea of Annotare V1

    [2016] Annotare v1 scrapped and proceed to V2

    V2 was then nothing to compare with V1 only drawing were not that great and drawing area was 30cm by 30cm

    [2016] V3 has been made with 2m by 2m drawing area and 1mm movement.

    TechnoVips prize won for innovation

    [2017] V4: Scrapped everything and started again with the knowledge that i have had from V3.

    [2017] Demo at "Dag Van de Wetenschap" day of sience to promote the embedded sector to children and youth.

    [14/02/2018] : Yea the page has been made from now on i will post everything about this project on this page.

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  • 1
    When i'm done with the kit version this will be added

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jonas wrote 05/30/2018 at 11:31 point


I actually saw you at "De Nayer" during "de dag van de wetenschap".

Nice machine!

Building one of these is def on my todo list. :)

adding those extra motors is def going to make this more stable.

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