The log of the Annotare project

A project log for Annotare

The true consumer friendly wall / windows artist

Jordy de HoonJordy de Hoon 02/14/2018 at 12:490 Comments

[2015] Started with the idea of Annotare V1

[2016] Annotare v1 scrapped and proceed to V2

V2 was then nothing to compare with V1 only drawing were not that great and drawing area was 30cm by 30cm

[2016] V3 has been made with 2m by 2m drawing area and 1mm movement.

TechnoVips prize won for innovation

[2017] V4: Scrapped everything and started again with the knowledge that i have had from V3.

[2017] Demo at "Dag Van de Wetenschap" day of sience to promote the embedded sector to children and youth.

[14/02/2018] : Yea the page has been made from now on i will post everything about this project on this page.