Skinning the WEEDINATOR​

A project log for WEEDINATOR 2019

The WEEDINATOR project continues .... The inevitability of robots working on farms draws ever nearer ....

capt-flatus-oflahertyCapt. Flatus O'Flaherty ☠ 05/22/2019 at 17:560 Comments

Last season, I found doing in the field tests with the machine rather stressful due to the fear of rain, which can come at any random time where I live here in the Irish sea.

Some kind of cover is essential to make testing more pleasant, even if it needs a tarpaulin over it to make it actually waterproof..

A hinging lightweight frame was constructed and clad with 3mm plywood. Additionally, this could be coated with carbon fibre, but for the meantime it will probably be PVC sheet cut and trimmed into section and glued on with contact adhesive.