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A project log for Happy Vertical People Transporter

Douglas Adams envisioned a Happy Vertical People Transporter as opposed to the mundane every day elevators

digigramDigiGram 04/28/2014 at 03:110 Comments

Lolla's part of this project was to build the actual HVPT. Since the first version is more of a proof of concept, most the construction was made out of cardboard box since we had a lot of that lying around. The lift body was constructed out of cardboard with an aluminium foil backing. This backing will later form part of the level detection.

The elevator shaft was also constructed from cardboard box, and 680 ohm resistors were placed in pairs to form a resistor ladder. You can see in the pic below how the legs protruded to make contact with the aluminium foil backing when the lift body moves to a level. The resistors were soldered into a series connection, making two rows of resistors, one down each side. In theory, the 5V will be put over the the complete resistor ladder as well as one extra resistor, effectively creating a voltage divider between the ladder and the referance resistor. All resistors being 680 ohm. Why 680? Well, we had lots of them, so they won the opportunity :)

As the lift body moves past a pair of resistors, they form part of the voltage divider, and thus the Arduino's ADC can determine the current level. The contact points were made on the bottom of each level. In retrospect, halfway might have been better, but I will leave this for DigiGram to fix with code.