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A project log for Happy Vertical People Transporter

Douglas Adams envisioned a Happy Vertical People Transporter as opposed to the mundane every day elevators

digigramDigiGram 03/19/2014 at 22:330 Comments

I'm really starting to like FreeCAD. Sadly my build (0.14 on Ubuntu, daily on 19 March 2014) still has no Assembly support, so all is built on one set that can't be moved. But different "layers" can be hidden to show the internals. Not that there are many. The shaft will get a resistor ladder and a Cu or Al foil backing on the elevator to calculate position. This is not the best way to do it, but one of my goals were to use only parts I have or can scavange. And I don't have rangefinders or 3 IR trip beams that I can use for this project right now.

A few LED's might be added for decoration, and a display above the elevator doors will be added to show the current level the elevator is at. Maybe 7-segment, or due to space maybe a simple LED bar. Will see about that when I get to play with my components again.

This will be built out of 3mm hardboard or something like it. My CNC won't be built by the deadline, so hand tools here we come.

Lastly, the "winch" spool will be a bobbin or similar scavenged from a seamstress and glued to the motor. Almost any thread should be strong enough for this light weight elevator, but a commercial product will need to abide to stricter safety guidelines.

If a picture paints a 1'000 words, a STL must be 1'000'000 words then right?

FreeCAD file is available here