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A project log for $100 Raspberry Pi 2 laptop using a lapdock

The Pi-Top will run you $300. This project creates an equivalent product for 1/3 the cost by being resourceful with cheap hardware.

Dylan BleierDylan Bleier 04/24/2015 at 03:460 Comments

I did some online research on what parts would be the most cost effective.

It seems that it could be significantly easier and cheaper to find a Motorola Lapdock and hack that, rather than get a separate battery, LVDS LCD display, VGA to LDVS driver board, HDMI to VGA converter, 3D printed case, etc......

In fact, I think it will be MUCH cheaper and easier to use a lapdock. I think now I should aim for under $100, not $150. However, I could still use a 3D-printed case/shell to attach the RPi securely to the bottom of the lapdock so no cables are exposed and so that everything is all in one streamlined unit that can be slid into a backpack without catching on things and ripping itself apart.

Since I'll be changing the list of parts, here's the current list for future reference:

lol, I started out looking at 6V 1.4 ah batteries that are $8 each... but that would be so heavy. and they are .95" thick