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A project log for $100 Raspberry Pi 2 laptop using a lapdock

The Pi-Top will run you $300. This project creates an equivalent product for 1/3 the cost by being resourceful with cheap hardware.

Dylan BleierDylan Bleier 04/28/2015 at 02:091 Comment

- A 11.6" motorola lapdock (droid bionic or atrix 4G models) will cost about $50

- A 10.1" motorola lapdock ("100" model) will cost about $40 (but it's soooo fugly!!!!)

So, I'll probably get one of these models soon when I find a decent deal.

However, I can get a working, complete, 5-15 yr old laptop (variety of models) almost gratis (the computer costs about the price of shipping it) on ebay or at a thrift store. (e.g., pre-lenovo IBM thinkpads... seriously, fuck lenovo)

- the main advantages of using the pi over a cheap used laptop with linux on it are the superior documentation / user support / community, and the GPIO

- a laptop will be hard to hack with the raspberry pi. I would need drivers and adapters for the LCD. SATA compatibility could be done but why bother. Instead I could replace the motherboard in a laptop with an UDOO, CubieBoard, BananaPi, etc, which have LVDS output!


darth_llamah wrote 04/28/2015 at 13:45 point

As for LCD driver board- check out this site:

Driver boards described there are easy to use, also I suspect that LA.MV29/59 could be powered using 5V only (12V seems to be used only for backlight and- in very rare cases- to power LCD panel)

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