Background and Goals

A project log for Teleimperium

Fully automated remote control and monitoring of agricultural growing systems

Evan SalazarEvan Salazar 04/24/2015 at 05:290 Comments

We have been working with time series databases and graphing for many years. This has been primary for network equipment using software such as cricket and cacti as well a writing our own software known as grasshopper and portcullis. One of the main problems with all of these programs is the configuration overhead of not being able to quickly and new devices to the system. Another issues is if data storage should use a averaging round-robin database like rrdtool and whisper or save every datapoint to a SQL database. We started working on new graphing software known as teleceptor which has a simple json based configuration as well as the ability to use both whisper and sqllite for datapoints. Data can then be analysed by downloading the full data stored in the SQL database or quickly generate long terms graphs from the whisper database.

As well as working on software we have also been working on hardware, our goal is to make an easy to deploy node that is capable of being connect to many different types of sensors and actuators as well a being able to be remotely located using wireless and/or RS485. Our latest attempt is the Teleimperium.

We are big believers in open source thus all our software and hardware design are available on Github. Our goal for this summer is to take the technology we have been developing as well as create some new technology in order to create a fully automated remote growing system. As NMSU Alumni we understand the importance of agriculture and hope to further improve growing techniques by integrating modern real time data analysis as sophisticated control systems.