New ARITH-MATIC Kit Launch: S1-MU Mk1

A project log for S1-AU Mk1: a 4-bit arithmetic unit

The S1-AU Mk1 is a 4-bit arithmetic unit, designed to help you explore the guts of computing.

ARITH-MATICARITH-MATIC 05/12/2019 at 15:220 Comments

Hello all.

Thanks to the success of the S1-AU Mk1 project, I'm excited to announce the launch of the second ARITH-MATIC kit: S1-MU Mk1.

The S1-MU Mk1 is an 8-bit memory unit, using the (excellent) LY62256PL SRAM IC and, of course, a few 7400 series ICs too!!

You can discover more about the kit here:

The S1-MU and S1-AU are both available via the ARITH-MATIC website, with shipping to the UK, EU, USA & Canada!

Finally, a bit thank you to everybody who has supported the project, either by sharing with others, providing feedback, or by purchasing one of the kits.