Beaglebone Black Home Automation

A home automation box that allows you to connect any device and be controlled by any device and optimizes electricity consumption

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The project was inspired by my calculus class when we learned optimization. The project was for our computer engineering class where we were given lots of materials and boards to use in order to create anything new or interesting. I decided to make a portable home automation box that you can connect to via any device. Plus I plan to measure current and to optimize the usage in order to reduce costs. This project is currently ongoing as I add improvements and new features along the way.

  • 1 × Beaglebone Black
  • 1 × Relay board or a relay circuit Any relay board should work
  • 1 × 5v Power supply Any power supply that provides 5v is fine, use an arduino's 5v if you don't have any

  • Project is on hold

    Ansaf Ahmad07/16/2015 at 18:16 0 comments

    So just to update the current situation of the project. The project is currently on hold since I'm on vacations but as of now I still think this project won't get much progress in the coming months since I'm starting university but when I find free time I'll sure work on this and hopefully add new features.

  • Moving From WebPy and PHP to Flask

    Ansaf Ahmad06/23/2015 at 06:06 0 comments

    So after all the hard work the project was a success in my computer engineering class, got good feedback from my teacher and a lot of students from junior grades were asking about the project and how I built it and also some students are going to make a better version or a different implementation of this project next year. As I was talking to one student I realized that I made a grave mistake when I was building the web app, I used PHP. Now PHP is a nice and easy language with minimal setup and amazing documentation and resources but it's pretty awful on security and management of code. Now since I was running 2 servers (Laptop and Beaglebone), I decided to run the server on the Beaglebone and use flask to control the pins and the webapp. This will eliminate the 2 servers problem and will also make code easier to manage since Flask has a great way of running things.

  • Slight Change in Plans

    Ansaf Ahmad05/16/2015 at 07:49 0 comments

    As I am experimenting with the beaglebone, I came up with a solution to create applications in any language that will allow you to control the beaglebone. All I needed to do was to create a program that sends get requests to the beaglebone server and we get a response back. This allows the separation of the server and the control application. All you need during setup is the url where the server is running. As of right now I'm thinking about creating an application that controls certain defined pins on the beaglebone as an example application.

  • Power lacks in the beaglebone

    Ansaf Ahmad05/07/2015 at 03:53 0 comments

    So as I was tumbling away with code on the beaglebone, much to my frustrations I realized that the relay board cannot be powered with the beaglebone. It needs a separate power supply. So right now I am using my arduino to power the supply and I need to search through my electronics junk baskets(I have like 10 plus a few at my cousin's place) for a power supply. Hopefully I find one.

  • Python Web Setup

    Ansaf Ahmad05/04/2015 at 05:48 0 comments

    I did not get much time to work on the project due to school but now our school board is having a strike and therefore I have time. I have a beagle bone black setup to work as a home automation system. I decided to use python since I am familiar with it and adafruit has written a beautiful library to access the GPIO pins. I also want web control so I decided to use framework which is a micro-framework to develop web apps. Currently I have a webpage that can create, delete and control new output objects. Right now I am working on a database system of logging the activity on the server for access by the admin.

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Alvi Ahmed wrote 06/24/2015 at 05:12 point

Why don't you use a spare atx computer supply, if you can't find one, why not just use a wall wart that can provide 5 volts, you could them at sayal, or general hobby/electronic shops

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Ansaf Ahmad wrote 06/24/2015 at 23:05 point

Funny story alvi, ahmed gave me the power supply a while ago and I totally forgot about it

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Xiaoxiong Xing wrote 04/24/2015 at 06:23 point

What IC are you using for wireless communication?

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Ansaf Ahmad wrote 04/24/2015 at 12:24 point

Right now the circuits aren't finalized but I am planning to use a wifi adapter on a beaglebone to connect to the internet and use my android phone

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