Classing Up the Comic Book Boxes

Coming up with a better way to mark and label cardboard boxes.

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I took the time to organize a full room of comic book boxes, but how do you MARK the boxes without relying on a random collection of sharpie pen scribblings? (Whisper for Scale).

Fortunately, I used to work in a library. I knew what to look for on Amazon... Brass card catalog drawer pulls: They come in packs of 50 for $20

Then the problem became "How do I attach them to the boxes? They have screws for oak drawers, screws destroy comic books."

Solution: 3D printed backing bracket for the drawer pulls.

After a few test prints I had the size dialed in just right and began mass production.

Robo R1 has room to make 10 at a time. Mass produced and installed.

Need to move things around and change the contents? Print a new slip for the drawer pull.

Screw Plate.stl

Screw Plate for Brass Drawer Pulls

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 17.86 kB - 02/15/2018 at 01:06


  • 1 × Robo 3D R1 3D Printer
  • 1 × PLA Printer Filament, White
  • 1 × 100 Brass Drawer Pull Plates
  • 1 × 200 Brass Screws

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Jacob Christ wrote 03/10/2018 at 18:09 point

Love it, I have a long box and three short boxes back from my youth just rotting in the garage.  My first comic I ever owned is "Shatter"  computers led me to comics.

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