Initial Plans

A project log for BloodWatch

A continuous, non-invasive blood chemistry monitor

Linus DillonLinus Dillon 04/30/2015 at 10:580 Comments

I've spent a little time looking at what I can find on the web about Dielectric Spectroscopy, in particular in relation to glucose. I've not yet found the ideal range of frequencies for glucose detection; one source suggests as much as 80MHz, while another as low as 40kHz. The higher the frequency the harder things get. Also, I need to get some experience of the technique and tech in general. So, plan is:

I have more or less settled on an initial architecture for the device; a discrete waveform generator coupled with a discrete phase/amplitude detector, both of which are coupled to a basic micro controller. At this stage this doesn't need to be that powerful; a simple Arduino will even do (I can solve for what micro controller and bluetooth hardware to use latter).

If I move forward then the waveform generator may be replaced with something more basic (all I need is a sine wave with a frequency I can control and which covers the desired range).

So, I've ordered the following bits to start with. Will be a few weeks before they arrive.

In the meantime I'll use my other projects to learn more about SMD design/assembly so when the time comes I'll be able to make this into something reasonably compact and wearable!