Thermal paste applicators look like drugs

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Eric HertzEric Hertz 01/21/2020 at 04:500 Comments

Imagine snooping through your kid’s garbage can only to find a used syringe lying in there. Most of us would likely be able to tell that the syringe once contained thermal compound or solder paste and be suitably proud of the little chip off the block, but apparently Cooler Master has fielded enough calls from panicked normie parents that they decided to change the design of their applicators. Given the design of the new applicator we doubt that’s really the reason, but it’s a good marketing story, and we can totally see how someone could mistake the old applicator for something illicit.

So, the next day I get this in an email ad... Looks like Zalman also got tired of normie-parents' thinking thermal grease was drug

Better normie parents think their kids are transgendered.


And apparently Satan's on a roll tonight:

and pics be 666'd.