Name cant be blank... but gets skipped.

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Eric HertzEric Hertz 09/29/2017 at 22:150 Comments

(Now adding text at the top... it seems to have ... nope... screenshot of typing blind.... at bottom)

while we're at it.. when I enter a log it skips right from the title to the content...

(Another issue)

Here's me replying on the feedback page:

And here's me *now*:

... one or two lines of visible text-entry ain't so bad... but say... now I'd like to add a paragraph at the top... scrolling...

Here's me entering the first (added) paragraph (for some reason it's not visible while i was typing):

Anyways... editing/entry is a crapshoot, especially editing. Especially near the top. The floater pops up after scrolling, takes just enough time to click where you want the cursor, but then the floater interferes and you wind up entering a latex equation or in html view, etc.

This is by no means all inclusive a list...

That said... it does seem to have improved... but still difficult to use.