Open Source Fitness Band

This is an Open Source Smartwatch cum Fitness Band that will have most smart watch capabilities along with Heart Rate Monitoring

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Inspired by the Walltech Smart Watch and the OSH Watch in last year's Hackaday contest. I thought why not add something extra to it and improve the open source smart watches further by adding some fitness tracker capabilities. Since there are no open source Heart Rate Monitors in the market right now it will be great to have one on which developers can work and improve further.

Since I won a LightBlue Bean in my other project I am thinking of making it to use in this project. I will use the Bean as the main controller. The only additions that I need are display, RTC and a PPG sensor. I can use the on board accelerometer to develop a pedometer which can count steps and from that determine the calories burnt. This will be a cool low power fitness band with built in BLE connectivity. Hence connecting it with smartphones will be a breeze.

  • 1 × LightBlue Bean Main controller with built-in BLE and accelerometer
  • 1 × 128x64 OLED display To show time, step counts and Heart Rate.
  • 1 × DS1307 RTC To keep time
  • 1 × LiPo Battery Power for the device
  • 1 × LiPo Charger module To charge the battery

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  • The BEAN is here!!

    Sounak Ranjan Das05/17/2015 at 10:59 0 comments

    Received the BEAN yesterday thanks to Hackaday. Won two more Teensy LC last week. Pretty excited. Will start working on this project as soon as the other one is completed. One and a half week to go.

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აკაკი ტყემალაძე wrote 08/12/2017 at 07:47 point

Bro, I'm in to that project. drop me a message.

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gastlwastl wrote 11/13/2016 at 15:20 point


I'm also very keen on building my own fitness tracker.

Is there any progress on the project or are you still working on it respectively?


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