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A project log for Jsoknit 2015

Simple embedded software function definition JSON framework.

Daniel SikarDaniel Sikar 08/25/2015 at 13:420 Comments

Changed project name for the 2nd time. Now we are Jsoknit (pronounced "jasonet"), like knitting with JSON. I thought maybe jsonet but there already is a javascript server-client communication protocol using JSON that goes by the name. Other than that, got this nice email from Hackaday:

Dear Daniel Sikar,

Thank you for participating in the Hackaday Prize. One of our goals here at Hackaday with the Prize is to encourage good documentation. Your documentation on Jsoknit qualifies you for a commemorative Hackaday Prize T-shirt. Congratulations!

Please fill out this form by October 31st in order to get your T-shirt!

Email Jasmine if you have any questions.

Thanks again,
The Hackaday Team