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A project log for Jsoknit 2015

Simple embedded software function definition JSON framework.

Daniel SikarDaniel Sikar 08/31/2015 at 13:370 Comments


to get two way communication going between Arduino Uno and Android 4.3 via BT0415. Message received on Arduino then echoed to serial monitor and all good. Message sent to Android does not always make it across and when it does comes out as gobbledygook so will need further processing i.e. byte by byte parsing, assembling into readable ascii characters, etc. About the message not making it across, previous experiments suggest it is a timing issue e.g. strategic delays need to be added to allow for protocols to ready themselves.

Did not manage:

to write basic app to query Arduino Uno (a.k.a. Jsoknit compatible device) and receive interface definition.

Road map for the week:

sort out two way communication and complete the basic app.