Filling the AKH (Android Knowledge Hole)

A project log for Jsoknit 2015

Simple embedded software function definition JSON framework.

Daniel SikarDaniel Sikar 10/21/2015 at 14:550 Comments

Over twenty days gone without a log entry and here is the pulse. I am currently working on Android Programming so no change, really. It is plain Android-slanted Java at the end of the day and I like it. Android Studio is a pretty good platform if anyone asks me, and the iterations are quick. I am expecting the v0.1 release this side of xmas. Basically it involves JSON parsing and rendering objects such as buttons, sliders and textboxes at runtime. Then an early spring clean still in order, hive off some parts on the project to other mini-projects and so forth. And that is the news and weather brought to you by Jsoknit.