MyzharBot is an open source and open hardware robotic platform designed for the study of control algorithms

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MyzharBot is an autonomous robot based on Linux. It is a robotics project that uses Computer Vision to detect obstacle, target, people and more.

I love the Robotics since I was a young boy: "Mom, when I'm BIG I will create a robot that washes the floor, washes the clothes and irons them for you".

Now I'm BIG! I studied Computer Engineering with a specialization in Robotics, I'm a Computer Vision expert and I know a lot about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, so it is time to complete what I called...... the "MyzharBot Project"

MyzharBot will be a personal robot to develop and to study control algorithms.

MyzharBot will be a full autonomous robot, but it will may be controlled/monitored it by smartphone/tablet (Android, iOS and Windows) via WiFi and remotely by Internet.

All the software is based on Qt framework.

April 2014 - MyzharBot's remote server runs on the Pandaboard ES suited onboard. MyzharBot can be controlled remotely by RobotGUI running under Linux, Windows or Android. Also the Webcam Server works and RobotGUI shows to remote operators video streaming from the robot

June 2014 - NVidia Jetson TK1 is the new brain of MyzharBot. Now there are not limits to computational power. The Tegra TK1 is a SOC with 4 ARM Cortex A15 running at 2.4Ghz plus 192 CUDA cores with Kepler technology... the Computer Vision is not more a chimera

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0xDEADBEEF wrote 07/25/2014 at 15:08 point
How has it gone using the Jetson TK1? I'm working on a robotic soccer player and things have gone well so far. The Jetson has been far more easy to work with than the previous board!

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Walter Lucetti wrote 09/22/2014 at 07:43 point
I'm sorry but I read your comment only today. I started using heavily the Jetson only this week because I decided to migrate to ROS framework and I spent a lot of time to move my code. Jetson is wonderful and using TheGrinch kernel I finally got WiFi and Bluetooth working with an Intel 7260 mini half PCIe board.
If you look at myz site you will find a lot of updates:

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