Go ESP go.

A project log for PASS: Pollution Analytics Shared Socially

A community pollution monitoring system aggregating pollution data from individual station users to get information on the environment.

Joshua YoungJoshua Young 08/16/2015 at 07:050 Comments

This is pretty exciting, got my ESP to do some cool stuff. If you have not heard of you should check it out ASAP. IFTTT is a great little API linker that lets you hook your IOT device up to the web. So far with this website I have been able to get my freescale freedom board to Tweet me, Text me and e-mail me. I ca even get it to post logged date to a google spreadsheet. The secret behind making all these tests fairly easily is IFTTT's Maker channel. With the Maker channel you can generate a url to ping that will set off a set pre selected event. The interface is so easy that you could set up one of these events in under 5 minutes. I also have been looking at Thingspeak and PubNub. So far I have been able to trigger events on thingspeak with cURL (such a great tool), but I have not gotten my board to play nice yet. The whole point for trying a secondary IOT service is to test my ability to talk back to my board. If I can dump date to fields in thingspeak, I can have the ESP chip ping the thingspeak channel and take action when it sees the appropriate flag.