Sainsmart 8Channel Relay I2C Hat

Hat to provide I2C communication to the 8Channel relay.

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This hat will enable anyone using the Sainsmart 8channel relay to use simple I2C communication to use the device. Python Code will be provided, as I have already developed. The reason for a hat is that it will cut down the number of wires needed to hook it up. Instead of 10 wires, there will only be 4 wires needed, the SCL, SDA, GND, and VIN.

The main advantage to this is that makers can actually put this had on the device and it will fit flush with the it. This enables the use of custom cases and 4 pin adapters. This is something I need in my project, and I can see others needing it also. This is a main reason why I decided to publish it for others to see and use.

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Joey Pongallo wrote 06/29/2015 at 13:21 point

Prototype 2 has been sent out. First prototype is missing diodes.

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