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A project log for StormSafe

A personal lightning strike detector and dangerous weather alerting device

brian bloombrian bloom 04/30/2015 at 23:160 Comments

I successfully prototyped this project (as a standalone device without the Weather API) using an Arduino and the AS3935 detector. That circuit is shown as the main picture for this project and could be triggered reliably using an artificial lightning source - the sparker from a BBQ lighter.

Now I'm ready to make it portable using a more appropriate device that can be worn out in the field and communicate with a cell phone.

What I'd like help with from the Hackaday folks is the chance to win one of those LightBlue Beans with Bluetooth LE so that I can redo the circuit in a small form factor and interface with a phone to provide information to the user about how far a lightning strike was detected (the AS3925 can be queried over SPI to report the estimated distance away) plus any weather alerts from the Weather Underground API.

The Bean is ideal from a size and power perspective. It also pairs well with the AS3935 breakout board which can use the 3V power like the Bean plus has SPI and I2C and the ability to register a hardware interrupt, which is how the AS3935 responds to detected lightning.

So, can you guys hook me up with one so I can move forward with the new and improved reboot of the StormSafe lightning and weather alert device?