Update April 2015

A project log for BlackFin DSP Arduino Board

This is an implementation of a Analog Devices BlackFin DSP on an Arduino UNO footprint sized board.

ForbinForbin 05/04/2015 at 08:530 Comments

As you can see from the photographs most of the board is populated. Will fit the Audio Codec when I am happy that all the rest of it is relatively stable. As you can see from the photographs my board design/layout skills are substantially better than my soldering skills!

Problems to date:

  1. the footprint for the 1.2V regulator for the flash on the bottom of the board is almost completely wrong; luckily as it is a 3 pin device it isn't too difficult to fix.
  2. as usual I am relatively optimistic about the small size of capacitors! Need to make a few of the power supply tantalum's a case size up!
  3. Wolfson have disappeared! Now just hope that Cirrus don't chop my codec!


The firmware is slowly coming to life. It is ALL C++ and I have tried to be consistent with the OO design but I have also tried to favor a more Embedded C++ so no exceptions/RTTI and fairly light on with templates and dynamic memory usage. So far all the development is with the rather crotchety Visual DSP from Analog Devices. Will probably move to CrossCore eventually and also support GCC.

The Code is currently providing UART comms through the FTDI <=> Serial chip, GPIO control of the LED's, SPI control of the ADC. The system commands provide control of the core voltage via a bit-based serial interface to a digital pot which tweeks the voltage up and down.

Next up is to get the SD Card interface going so I can drag my FileSystem classes in and then do some WAV/FLAC decoding out over the SPORT bus to the Audio Codec.