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A project log for TRS-80 Compatible Clone

A TRS-80 using more modern parts

hacker404Hacker404 04/24/2016 at 05:080 Comments

I have been away for a while. In that time I have started using a different computer. I don't know how much is recoverable from the old one.

I now have the Altera and Xilinx platforms on my laptop.

I re-did some of the VHDL. I found that the character ROM is too larg to fit into the CPLD chip I am using (EPM240) so that will make the timing difficult.

Anyway I have been playing and here is a pic of the start of the TRS-80 screen layout. Each character cell is a different color -

Here is what the development board looks like now - the Z80 isn't wired yet. I am actually using this for two projects as only the VHDL and ROMs are different.

I am considering switching to PCB modules (single sided with links on the other side) that plug into a backplane so I can do this stage by stage. Wire Wrap is so slow.