SmartMatrix Shield for Teensy 3

The SmartMatrix Shield is the best way to connect a Teensy 3 to multiplexed RGB LED panels - play GIFs and FastLED patterns

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The SmartMatrix Shield is the best way to connect the Teensy 3 to Large HUB75 RGB LED matrix display panels, and in combination with the SmartMatrix Library can create stunning LED visuals with just a few lines of code. You can also use the prebuilt Aurora software that creates an interactive display to play animated GIFs and patterns using the SmartMatrix Shield, for those who want to easily get started or don’t want to write their own code.

The SmartMatrix Library is designed to make it easy to display graphics and scrolling text on an RGB 16x32 or 32x32 display. The library stores a buffer and convenient graphics functions to draw to the buffer, with double buffering to update the drawing in a clean manner. The library supports scrolling text above the graphics layer, and takes care of updating the scrolling text in the background without modifying the drawing buffer. The library uses the DMA module in the Teensy 3 to refresh the display at a high frame rate and high color-depth with minimal CPU usage. When CPU is required to refresh the display, it is run in the background as a low-priority interrupt.

  • 1 × Teensy 3.1
  • 1 × HUB75-compatible 32x32 Pixel RGB LED Matrix Panel LEDs and Accessories / Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • 1 × 5V 4A DC Power Supply
  • 1 × SmartMatrix Shield (or lots of jumper wires)

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    Step 1

    Build Instructions can be found on the Pixelmatix Docs site

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    Step 2

    You don't need a SmartMatrix Shield to assemble, you can follow the schematics and wire a Teensy 3.1 directly to a compatible LED Matrix Panel using 13 wires. Don't forget to connect the Latch signal to both pins 3 and 8 on the Teensy. The buffers in the schematic are optional depending on the panel you use. Some are 3.3V-logic compatible so the Teensy can drive the panel directly. Others need closer to 5V so a 74AHCT buffer powered by 5V is needed between the Teensy and the panel.

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