Firmware is finished

A project log for Hardware password manager

Small USB unit which simulates keyboard and generates, keeps and types up to eight passwords

Voja AntonicVoja Antonic 06/01/2015 at 22:310 Comments

Firmware is complete (assembly language), at least beta version. Works great, but testing is still in progress.

Source filea are available at

By the way, to keep your passwords safe in this unit, you should...:

- Never click on "Remember password" option when your browser asks you
- Never leave this hardware unattended in the group of people
- All the passwords are in MCU Flash, don't keep them anywhere else, except on the backup paper
- If you use it on some public computer, change the password when you arrive home
- Scan your computer for Trojans frequently, as the only drawback of this approach is possibility that some Key Logger or similar spy program is installed in your computer.