• Project Sync!

    Paul Scott07/14/2015 at 12:19 0 comments

    We have projects sync! I have now written a SyncProvider and service for syncing the projects down to the device. It creates a SQLite DB to store the information in, and then does a delta update of the data on subsequent syncs.

    This is IMHO the best way to do it, so as to cut down on expensive network calls and wasting tons of mobile data. It will also allow many other things like quick project searches etc.

    I have only done the bits, I still need to hook them all up, but should be able to do that pretty soon now.

    I will have to also repeat this exercise for the users data as well, but the second time round should be way simpler!

    Will update again asap!

  • Feeds and caching

    Paul Scott07/13/2015 at 14:10 0 comments

    I have been working on the feeds first, as I believe they offer some cool information.

    Feeds are pulled and displayed in much the same way as the website, using an infinite scroller listener to add pages of feeds as you read through them. Avatar images are loaded and cached, to save bandwidth.

    I still need to do a data sync provider for the projects in order to cut down on API calls, but that will be my next step.

    UI needs work (but doesn't it always!)

    Will update again soon!

  • Account Manager

    Paul Scott07/10/2015 at 08:46 0 comments

    The account Manager is now complete. I have made it as an Android library, that can be used in any other projects too.

    It will keep your account synced up and ready to go.

    If you use the code, please change the Constants class to reflect your own API creds, as there is a chance that the current creds may hit limits if we all use the same thing.

    Any bugs, please do let me know!

    Repo is at Github https://github.com/paulscott56/HackadayIOAccountManager/

  • AccountManager and Sync

    Paul Scott06/17/2015 at 06:08 0 comments

    The app now does proper sync between the Hackaday API and the device. This means that we only have to use just enough bandwidth to keep you fully updated on your feeds etc, as opposed to killing the API with polling requests all the time. The AccountManager also means that you can turn off sync if you are on, say, roaming data and don't feel like racking up a zillion dollars worth of charges. You are also able to fully work with your account (update, delete, create additional accounts, multi user etc), as well as some other features. I have now started to package the account manager portion as a separate lib/apk so that other future apps can simply reuse the account manager portion of the code, and never have to worry about doing any tricksy OAuth or permissions management!

  • updates

    Paul Scott05/16/2015 at 06:10 0 comments

    Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I've been moving offices into a new building, so that has been a bit chaotic!

    I should have something more useful to share on Monday though!

  • Just about done with global feeds!

    Paul Scott05/07/2015 at 06:48 0 comments

    Things are now starting to come together quite nicely! Just putting the final touches onto the global feeds, and trying to work up a usable UI (I suck at UI... sigh!)

    Next up will be projects and users. Gathering ideas for search and stuff too.

    Will commit more code today hopefully!

  • Onward and upward!

    Paul Scott05/05/2015 at 17:32 0 comments

    OAuth authorization is now working! Yay! Thanks to all that helped! Onward and upward now!

  • Basic OAuth

    Paul Scott05/05/2015 at 11:14 3 comments

    Been working on getting OAuth to work so far to log a user in. Close now, but running into an issue that the OAuth authorize URL seems to not exist...