AccountManager and Sync

A project log for Hackaday IO Android app

A basic Android app using the new Hackaday IO REST API

Paul ScottPaul Scott 06/17/2015 at 06:080 Comments
The app now does proper sync between the Hackaday API and the device. This means that we only have to use just enough bandwidth to keep you fully updated on your feeds etc, as opposed to killing the API with polling requests all the time. The AccountManager also means that you can turn off sync if you are on, say, roaming data and don't feel like racking up a zillion dollars worth of charges. You are also able to fully work with your account (update, delete, create additional accounts, multi user etc), as well as some other features. I have now started to package the account manager portion as a separate lib/apk so that other future apps can simply reuse the account manager portion of the code, and never have to worry about doing any tricksy OAuth or permissions management!