Strong online privacy via information fragmenting

Build a RAID like interface for storing fragments emails or files over multiple cloud providers

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To achieve stronger privacy, the project's mail/client will distribute personal data into several online locations belonging to different entities (Google, amazon, etc...).
This way, big corporations only have access to individualy meaningless chunks of info.
The user will control the encryption key allowing to recover the distributed parts of their information. Much like in RAID storage, some redundancy is bult in the protocol to protect from inaccessibility of one or more info stashes.
Heavy client in forms of addons for open source email soft, or even online web clients will be designed to send fragmented mails to recipents.
I lack the technical expertise to develop this project, I am looking for talented hackers willing to give birth to this novel approach to privacy.
If you know crypto, software raid, webapp coding, webdesign, if like me you reguse to hand over your private life to big Corps, then join this project.
Base principle : open, collaborative, free,fun

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