Arrival & Assembly & Awesome

A project log for Charles Jr

A Hardware challenge.

alpha_ninjaalpha_ninja 05/30/2015 at 15:240 Comments

Last Tuesday, 15 of these arrived.

Yeah, I'll need to redo the silkscreen—OSHPark understandably couldn't handle those tiny letters—but testing showed all the traces worked, even that one that's really close to the PCB edge.

So, I assembled two of them.

While assembling, I tested them with the multimeter—it turns out it's really hard to keep track of which LED is oriented in what direction.

Also, 0603s are generally quite annoying.

A quick test on a breadboard showed they worked great—so I went to the arduino and started coding.

After some initial tests with port manipulation, I started writing a library. It's done and working, and I'll upload the code when I add some more comments ;)

EDIT 1: the board files have been changed to improve the silkscreen & increase track width— see github. Yes, the gerbers have also been updated :)