• Shield assembled!

    Sam05/01/2014 at 18:07 0 comments

    The final shield has been assembled and besides a couple of little niggles, I'm absolutely delighted!

    The first error is of my own creation - when creating the part footprint for the matrix itself, I got the dimensions slightly wrong... the rows of pins are spaced 4 MILLIMETRES too far apart!! My heart sank when I found this, but bending the pins on the matrix has solved this issue, although it is a bodge.

    The second thing I noticed is the size of the cutouts for the barrel jack and USB port on the Arduino - they don't seem to be deep enough, so the shield still partially sits on them. The shield easily plugs in still, and I suppose the cutouts could just be there so you know not to place components there and have them short out on the USB jack.

    Anyways, here it is!

  • The shields are in!

    Sam04/28/2014 at 19:54 0 comments

    I've received the shield PCBs, and they look absolutely amazing! Big shout out to OSHPark for these. Smooth process and while the shipping takes a long time, the quality definitely redeems this.

    Waiting for the remaining headers etc. now, so I should have them assembled by Wednesday.

  • Shield being manufactured

    Sam04/05/2014 at 21:10 0 comments

    Since all the wiring is now complete, I have designed and sent off for fabrication the PCB for the shield. I am using OSHPark for the PCBs, and the design is going to be added to the 6th April panel. Hopefully I'll have it in a couple of weeks, but this may be being optimistic!

    The design was made in the free version of EAGLE.

  • Extended colours

    Sam04/04/2014 at 20:14 0 comments

    I've now added the ability to utilise both the red and green LEDs at the same time, without rewiring as was required previously.

    An example patter can be seen here: https://vine.co/v/MeHrzungLTP