Quantity   Component name
1 × FPGA The cheapest ALTERA FPGA (Cyclone IV serie)
1 × ARM LPC812 For the lloading of the config file to the FPGA and for the future upgrade via USB
1 × MAX V CPLD Not enough FPGA pinout, then CPLD to mux the SRAM
2 × QUAD SPI FLASH The first connected to LPC812 for FPGA config file. The second connected to FPGA for fast loading into SRAM the user preloaded font,, blobs, background,..
1 × TDA19988 Video, Graphics and Imaging ICs / DVI-HDMI Interface, Receivers, Transceivers
2 × IS61WV10248EDBLL-10TLI Memory ICs / Static RAM (SRAM)
1 × FT230XS-R USB-UART interface