Move your Butt

Chair with build in sensor that motivates you to stand up and move

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So far I have different designs for solving the same issue. We all sit at the computer a lot, the majority of us don't walk around too frequently and don't take the pauses suggested.

Why not build a chair which forces you to stand up, move around and come back with a clear mind ?

This is the general concept that I am thinking of:

A hydraulic chair/stool which simply moves down to an unusable height so you are forced to stand for a few minutes. It will use a meter to determine that the user is "sitting" and will move down after a set amount of time. The perfect height would be so that the user can still type by simply kneeling on it, but I'm not quite sure that would work well.

I'm new to the world of making, so I want to make the "detection of human" as simple as possible.

The easiest thing I can imagine is two materials which simply are in contact to each other when weight is on the object and move apart if not. This could simply be done by two connective materials I guess.

  • 1 × Strain Guage
  • 1 × Arduino
  • 1 × Hydraulic tube

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pastcompute wrote 05/18/2015 at 01:56 point

Hi! If you want to post a diagram in a hurry just draw it by hand and scan it in. Worked for me :-)

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