Sensor Stick for the blind

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I would like to design a sensor stick for a blind person when walking to give obstacle avoidance feed back to the operator and converting a sensor output on the walking stick.
The operator will receive commands in an ear piece to tell him or her where the obstacles are in front.
I would think two piezo sensors pointing forwards one TX one RX so as the obstacle gets closer the sound output changes pitch.
When you see blind people wave there stick left and right when walking along it would act like a sweep sensor and pick up obstacles in the way.
I would need an output to drive the TX and an input for the RX software to decode and a audio output to drive the head phone I would also want to try two input and output for left and right sensors so the output is in stereo to give better perspective like you have with your eyes.
Anyway that is my idea!
Bob Wareham in (England)

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