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mcunerdmcu_nerd 07/14/2016 at 20:410 Comments

I've been busy but starting last weekend, I'm one again working on the project. I've been cleaning up some things and adding a new key feature: temperature logging. The latest version is located in the fifthgen folder in the GitHub repo.

How the temperature logging feature currently works:

On the sensors page, there is a form for temperature logging. It allows the user to set the interval of samples, how many samples to take, and the desired filename. After various validation checks and making sure that a temperature log recording is not already in process, a php file is run as a background process that writes the temperature data to a .csv file along with the time of the sample. The user can get access to all of the log files by clicking "get logs" which spits out the links to all of the log files present. All log files can easily be deleted via the "delete logs button". The log recording process can be killed and checked with a press of a button.

This new feature is still very much a work in progress, and I have yet to check its robustness when it comes to things such as turning on an led while it takes a temperature reading for the log.

Screenshot of updated page:

I imported a log file into Excel and graphed the ~24 hour readings for my room. You can tell when the A/C cycles.