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A project log for Smart Lamp Notification

Take 1 AC Lamp, a uController, a normal LED bulb and some color LED strips to get a functional lamp that also can send colored alerts.

neil-cherryNeil Cherry 07/22/2015 at 05:100 Comments

I had a frustrating but wonderful weekend. I was able to get the MQTT client compiled and running on both the UNO32 and Furbarino Mini. Both have the DHT22 and are reporting the information to the MQTT broker. The Furbarino Mini has a traffic light (3 LEDs) controlled by Misterhouse via the MQTT broker. Both prototypes have interrupts working, both have the special MPIDE task process (running as a parallel task to the main loop). I'm not sure the Arduino environment supports such functions. The Interrupts and multitasking are not necessary for the project but are a bit of experimentation (because we can :-) ). I'll clean that up before posting to github.

In the new picture posted the processor is on the right, the WIZ550io is on the left, in the middle a red, yellow and green LED. The right solo red led. I'll need to get the LED strips added next and then figure out how to control it externally.

The red, yellow and green LEDs are being controlled by Misterhouse user code. It behaves like a traffic light and while the client code and the Misterhouse code both work well something odd is going on with the MQTT server. I'm not sure whether the issue is a problem with the mqtt options are incorrectly set or the MQTT server is misbehaving.