Xbox One E-Sports Controller

The Ideal FPS Xbox Controller

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The Xbox One controller is built fairly well but has a few flaws that might not effect the average gamer however if you play competitive fps games it is very noticeable. This projects goal is to make the ideal Xbox One E-Sports Controller!

There are a couple issues I want to tackle in this project

  • Trigger Responsiveness
  • Button Remapping
  • Unreliable USB Connection

  • 2 × Resistor Any value will do, I use 460 ohm
  • 1 × LM393 Amplifier and Linear ICs / Comparator ICs

  • ​Trigger Responsiveness

    recognizetapia05/08/2015 at 04:28 0 comments

    The issue with the triggers is that you can press the triggers in slightly without actually triggering a button press which causes needed latency when gaming. To combat this I use an added hall-effect sensor for each trigger and use a comparator board I made with the LM393. The Xbox One controller uses hall effect sensors to determine how far the trigger is pushed down hall-effect --> MCU. I place the comparator board in between the the hall-effect and MCU so I can adjust when the trigger "triggers" with a trimmer potentiometer with great accuracy.

    hall-effect --> comparator --> MCU

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isue33 wrote 03/21/2021 at 14:26 point

This console looks so cool. I rally like it and I want to use it for my webpage, you can see here

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