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A project log for Home automation using RF mesh network and arduino

Creating home automation sensors and controllers that can be used around the house forming a mesh network for communication

LewisLewis 07/30/2015 at 13:490 Comments

Just a quick update to say that I currently don't have anything to update you on in terms of the project. In other news, I have moved house now and once I find the box with my electronics kit and soldering iron in I will really start to update this project. In this new house, well new to me, I plan to start to build the sensors and controllers into each room, implement basic control software and solve many problems that would arise in a real install.

From this point on things will get really exciting, I have already installed one LIFX bulb to act as a nightlight. At the moment this is just on a timer, but I plan on adding movement and light sensors to slowly fade the light up when it is too dark and movement is detected and fade the light back down after a few minutes of no movement.

As there are about 60 lights in the whole house it will take some time (and money) to automate everything. This project will take quite a long time to complete but once all the bugs are worked out it will be very simple to expand the system.

I currently only have two LIFX bulbs but I am looking into the Philips Hue system. I will using Living White bulbs which are white dimmable bulbs that are compatible with Hue. The best thing about these bulbs as the price, about £5 for 15 Watt and about £9 for 20 Watt.