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An all-in-one video player/controller, suitable for children

Craig HissettCraig Hissett 10/02/2015 at 23:292 Comments

FDI have been kind enough to name my project winner of their ELI Design Challenge!!

After submitting an outline of this project what seems like moons ago I never thought I would be selected to receive one of their 7" touchscreens. I certainly didnt think I would beat the other 7 finalists to walk away with the prize!

Im so happy they did select me to progress in the competition; without this kick up tje backside my project may never have been completed, like many of my ideas I come up with.

A big thanks to Alex for his design knowhow with coming up with a case for it; again, without Alex and his expertise I wouldnt have had a product to enter into the design challenge!

Still some work to be done on the software, as FDI may be making a demo model of their own for trade shows and on the road, so I would love to create a slick GUI to really show off my product.


Alex Rich wrote 10/03/2015 at 00:58 point

Congrats Craig!  Hope you get this project working!

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Craig Hissett wrote 10/03/2015 at 01:03 point

It is definitely I who should be thanking you buddy!

Mamaged to shoot a demo video on it using the TBO player tbat was preinstalled on the image FDI provided; looking at it its exactly what I am trying to achieve - a python gui to OMX player!

Rather than continuing from scratch I am going to look at forking TBO player and integrating my arcade buttons into it.

I already have a version 2 in mind for them, he he. Less buttons, more touch screen! :-)

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