A project log for PICxie

An ultra-portable development kit for Microchip Technology microcontrollers!

crypto-neoCrypto [Neo] 05/12/2015 at 23:290 Comments

So we've ordered all the stuff for the very first PICxie :D, we're really excited, hopefully it'll all be here soon! We expedited everything we could. It costs about $60 to make one of them, which isn't bad! Of course those are per unit prices which always go down when we get to make stuff at a larger volume.

We're anticipating selling PICxie for ~$40-50 dollars depending on the kind of response we get PR wise.

I spent yesterday going over everything with the team and we can't find any obvious errors or issues with the design. Yay! Very impressive for 37hrs worth of work.

We took the files to make your own PICxie down for a few of reasons:

  1. This is a new design, and we don't feel OK letting anyone spend money that might be wasted on something that may have faults
  2. We've had an incredible response to PICxie, a lot of people really like it, so we might just kickstart it! Afterwards we'll be releasing all the files for sure if we do that.

We have a couple of good demos written for the PICxie already: A magnetic field indicator, a orientation sensor, and an enviornmental logging demo.

The last one we're really excited about because we're planning on putting PICxie into the payload compartment of a model rocket and log things like local magnetic field strength, barometric pressure, altitude, orientation, etc.