collecting the last bits

A project log for Blackbox - Tool Changing 3D Printer

high-end open-source printer with a water-cooled tool changer.

marc-schmannMarc Schömann 04/28/2018 at 14:270 Comments


I have finished the Z-axis and tested its functionality. The reduction works great but the 5mm rod seems to be undersized. On top of that i bought the wrong pulleys (6mm instead of 9mm) so i guess it´s a good excuse to size this axis up. While i think that 6.35mm is plenty the rods in this size are really hard to source so i guess i will use 8mm rod instead. That might be oversized but weight isn´t that important here.

Above you can see the bearing pedestal, next to it the printed 64t pulley (unfortunately difficult to get in the EU) and below the pulley gearbox with belt tensioner.

Apart from that I am collecting all necessary parts together, as I only have one 3D Printer, all parts have to be together before the conversion can start.