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A project log for Blackbox - Tool Changing 3D Printer

high-end open-source printer with a water-cooled tool changer.

marc-schmannMarc Schömann 04/29/2018 at 13:350 Comments

Im proud to announce that the Blackbox team has a new and ambitious supporter!

Let's welcome Prashanth Ray, experienced in 3D printing and currently researching on the topic of 3D Bioplotting at the Johns Hopkins University, USA.

Rays goals will be as follows:

"My goals in contributing to the project are

• Design and fabrication of a Multi-channel 3D bioprinting system containing

• Pneumatic extruder (Pneumatic control)

• Piston extruder (Mechanical Extrusion i.e Motor driving),

• Microneedle jet (Microdot i.e Pulse generation control)

• The 3D bioprinting system should be able to accept a variety of bio-materials to build composite hybrid scaffolds.

• Create an environment to maintain biocompatibility, mechanical properties etc.

I have few more ideas to work/modify and yes, keeping everything open-sourced."

Im thrilled to see Rays vision cumming true in the future!