Quantity   Component name
1 × MK10 Heaterblock It´s a real pain to get quality MK10 Heatblocks, if you fid some tell me. Im using Wanhao ones currently.
2 × 20x60 T-Slot profile Aluminium Profiles 20x60 size
1 × GT3 Belt 9mm wide, 2mm tooth offset. You can also use GT2 Belts.
2 × GT2 Smooth Idler Toothed Idler for 9mm wide Belts
3 × Nema 17 Stepper Motor 0,9° Im using the 44Ncm version from omc-stepperonline but any Steppermotor with more than 25Ncm will do
10 × GT2 Toothed Idler GT2 pulley with 20 teeth and 5 mm inside diameter for 9mm Belts. (Yes its compatible with GT3 Belts) i got mine from reprapworld.com
4 × GT2 Pulley 20t GT2 pulley with 20 teeth, 5 mm inside diameter, for 9mm wide Belts
1 × GT2 Pulley 16t GT2 pulley with 16 teeth, 5 mm inside diameter, for 6mm(!) wide Belts for the Z-Axis gearing
1 × MR 9-M Linear Rail & Bearing I bought mine at smalltec, but you get the same type from many sources
2 × MR 9-W Linear Rail & Bearing I bought mine at smalltec, but you get the same type from many sources
1 × 24v Power supply anything above 400w should be fine, because the heatbed is using 230V. I used meanwell power supplys
1 × Microswiss MK10 Yeah i switched from E3D to Microswiss because i was sick of the mess with the flat nozzle and silicone socks.
5 × 40x40 T-Slot Profile Aluminium Profiles 40x40 size, i used profiles with two clean sides but this is optional. 1 Quantity = 1m
1 × Ultratronics (Pro not necessary) Im currently not sure which path im going, im currently tending to Ultratronics + Klipper because i really startet to like Klipper unfortunaetly it´s not compatible with Duet yet.
1 × Bondtech BMG Extruder Yep this pretty thing must be disassembled to fit in here
1 × Filafarm NoBase 300x300 230v Doesn´t need to bee this specific Heatbed, the t-slots on the z-Axis can be adjustet to fit your needs.
1 × Filafarm SwitchPlate i recommend the FilaPrint surface, MTPlus is even better
1 × Energy Chain 600-800mm I used Igus E2 Micro Serie 094 - 16mm inner width
3 × 20x20 T-Slot profile Aluminium Profiles 20x20 size for the Heatbed
4 × Linear Bearings 12mm, housed compact version For Z-Axis
1 × Heater cardridge 40w 24v
1 × Screw in Thermistor M3
1 × 20x20 Carbon Square Profile I got mine pretty cheap from Hobbyking
8 × T-Slot Corner Bracket You can also use Plates, angle plates are not possible
4 × Linear Rail 12mm For Z-Axis