Arduino Shades of Grey Water

40$ Grey Water and Faucet Automation

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40$ Grey Water and Faucet Automation

Provoked by this year's HackADay Prize theme of saving the planet, this cheap hillbilly DIY Arduino grey water recovery and hands free faucet design was built with focus on cost efficiency. The necessary components of this project totaled less than 40$US and expended no more than 4 man (not woman) hours. The additional (optional) LCD display reveals the seconds of operation and volume in liters of grey water saved. Multimedia and coding below is of the prototype model.

  • 1 × Arduino Uno 9.00 EBay
  • 1 × 1/2" Solenoid 12V 4.50 EBay
  • 1 × Water Pump 12V 240L/H 3.95 EBay
  • 2 × TIP120 1.50 Radio Shack
  • 8 × 3/4" PVC Elbows and Pipe 8.00 Lowes

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