fHome, a cheap and easy home automation system

Home automation has been in vogue lately, but adding it to an old house can be quite the mess. fHome is a shot at solving that.

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Home automation is awesome and we all agree on that. The problem is, it can be difficult to be implemented on an old home, as working with old (and maybe clogged) conduits is quite the job. Another thing is that its quite expensive to add to our homes. But we are makers and this wont hold us back. So fHome (frugal home automation) comes to solve this problem using cheap and small components so it can be placed in an standard electrical box or replace an standard wall switch to minimize the invasiveness so any home can be automated.

A wall switch that has everything included takes the place of your conventional switch so the process of adding 'smart switches' is as little invasive as possible. If you know how to change a wall switch you can automate your house.

The whole project works around the cheap RF transmitters. All the data is sent encrypted so it won't be easy to someone outside of the home system to get ahold of it. The teensy will play an important part, as its faster and 32bit. With its help, working with cryptography keys will be fast.

Using the electric wiring already present in the box, an AC-DC converter will keep the electronics powered.

A relay controls the system making the outside switch and itself behave as a three-way switch.

The greatest challenge here will be to fit everything inside an electrical box, but as soon as everything works, sourcing smaller components and changing the board layout will help reduce its size.

  • I didn't forget to work on this!

    Gabriel05/13/2015 at 14:29 0 comments

    I've been writing and scraping so many ideas. I'm just waiting for my tests period to end, so i can start writing here more. In the meantime i'll finish sourcing components and checking prices. I think by the time i'm done with my uni tests i'll be able to build a working prototype quite quick!

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George I Fomitchev wrote 08/12/2016 at 11:30 point

We make a real switcher using MG 996 servos.

using DIY SelfieBot electronics

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