Version 1.0 Specification Released!

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WilliamWilliam 08/20/2019 at 00:410 Comments

This is it! While not exactly ground-breaking news... it is newsworthy!

The 1.0 spec is a culmination of intermittent experimentation since the genesis of the project in 2015. It includes support for up to 400 watts via the average DB-25 connector, along with support for various common communication protocols -- both legacy and cutting-edge. Stability has been the goal, and now it is here for the most common connectors in the specification. Contacts have been optimized to reduce signal interference, separate high voltage supplies from low-voltage logic & to generally make design/assembly easier. These connectors support tiny, efficient low-voltage modules & big power modules alike!

Now that the spec is stable, large-scale production runs are on the horizon. Stay tuned!